What exactly do we offer?
What we offer is a professional, reliable and affordable performance. We try our best to ensure that no hassle is caused when organizing your event. This is achieved through a variety of things.
When hiring Blain & Courtney, you will be receiving:
- A high quality band
- A vast repertoire of music, available to you in the form of a comprehensive song list
- An act with Public Liability Insurance
- All of your production needs

Pricing varies with each individual event. A plethora of factors come into our pricing. These include:
- Transport (i.e distance needed to be travelled)
- Equipment required
- Performance duration
- Special requests
Please email us for a quote at b_cmusic@live.com

How do I book you?
Booking is very simple,
1) Send us an email directly to b_cmusic@live.com
In this email, include the date, time and location of the event as well as the desired performance time. If you're unsure of these details, send us an email anyway and we will gladly help you.
2) We will send you a quote; based on the details you've given us. 
3) Take some time to think about your options, there is no rush to confirm. However, upon confirmation, we will provide details on the next point of action. A deposit will be required.
4) Return the form back to us, along with your deposit. 
5) The booking is then complete!

Do we play special requests?
Yes! Let us know what you would like prior to us quoting and we will get it together

Are we available in larger ensembles?
Yes, we frequently play in bands and are available with horns, strings and many other combinations. You can find some examples in the gallery